Welcome Year 6 to the Science Expo Pathfinder

A pathfinder is a guide to finding resources online or off-line for a specific subject area or topic. A Science Expo is an event where all students will have the opportunity to demonstrate, through an experiment, what they have learnt. A Science Expo is usually referred to as a Science Fair on the Internet. In class you are currently studying the Science unit “Change Detectives” finding out what makes substances change and looking at the difference between physical and chemical changes. This pathfinder will guide you to complete research for your project on this unit which is due on November 9th ready for presentation at the Year 6 Science Expo. Using the index on the left, make sure you read all the pages of this pathfinder.


Your project involves:

  • Finding an experiment which shows either physical or chemical change,

  • Discussing your experiment with your parents and carefully trialling it at home,

  • Designing a poster to explain, in your own words, the equipment, method, procedures and results of your experiment (make use of graphs and graphic organisers), and

  • Presenting your experiment to the class at the Science Expo.

Before you start your project, using your Science journal to write notes, make sure you:

  • Decide what you already know and write down why a topic is of interest to you.

  • Make a concept map of your ideas.

  • Determine what it is you are inquiring about by writing a research question such as:

What happens to (something) when (something) happens?

How does (something) affect (something else)?

What happens to the dependent variable when we change the independent variable?

  • Using the PLUS model, apply your Information Literacy Skills as you do your research.


What exactly is my topic?

Where can I find more information about my topic?


Will I find my information in books and on the web?

Does this really apply to my topic?


Can I quickly skim or scan resources to find the right information?

How will I write notes about my information?


Did I organise my presentation well?

Was this Pathfinder a help to me?