Printed Non-Fiction resources

1. Slimy Science and Awesome Experiments by Susan Martineau.

If you like working with slippery and messy everyday materials this book has some good ideas for you. The experiments are simple with clear instructions. Be sure to choose one that works for you and shows either a physical or chemical change. Make sure you discuss it with your parents and trial it at home keeping safety issues in mind. Available from the school library, the Call Number is 500 MAR.

2. 101 great Science experiments by Neil Ardley.

Containing many very good experiments, this book gives clear illustrated instructions as well as advice about care and safety. Each experiment has some factual information to help understanding. Remember that if you trial an experiment and it doesn’t meet your purpose, go back and review it and try another experiment. Available in the library, the Call Number is 500 ARD.

3. 501 Science Experiments is a school library book written by teachers who have tested the experiments. There is so much choice it is probably worth trying out a few experiments from this book before choosing one for the Expo. Step by step instructions, in categorised sections, makes this book easy to navigate. It also has a ‘Did you know?’ section of helpful factual information with each experiment. Published in 2007 by Hinkler Books, the Call Number is 508 HIN.

4. The Usborne Internet-Linked Library of Science: Mixtures and Compounds by Alastair Smith, Phillip Clark and Corinne Henderson is a book that will provide a good challenge for students who see themselves as ‘budding scientists’. Published in 2001, this book has Internet links for each topic and most topics have a practical everyday experimental section called ‘See for yourself.’ There is a lot of interesting factual information. Found in the school library, the Call Number is 500 SMI.

Please note: There are many other suitable books under the Call Numbers 500 – 510. Also there are many SCIENTRIFFIC and HELIX MAGAZINES in the school library. Browse through these to find some great ideas for the expo. Ask the library staff to help you locate them.