Reference and Audio Visual Resources

Reference sources:

1. Science Fair Project Encyclopedia

This online resource is a source of information on any area of Science that may interest you. You can choose from categories on the Homepage or, better still, enter a keyword such as ‘variables’ to find out exactly what it means. This is a great website for students who want to delve deeper into Science and can be found at:

2. Merriam Webster Word Central Dictionary

Use this online Dictionary and Thesaurus to look up any words you don’t understand and increase your word knowledge and comprehension of your topic. The thesaurus is very handy when you are writing out your project in your own words. Make notes of any words you look up and write them in your Science journal.

Audio-visual resource

Looking for some inspiration? The Experimentals Science for Kids DVD, produced by ABC television and obtainable in the school library (Call Number: DVD 507 EXP), shows a fun way of conducting science experiments you can try yourself. Instructions are available. Click the text under each heading to find instructions to guide you. Do not copy and paste – make your own notes.